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Testimonials & References

"I would highly recommend Daniela Grief of Good Grief Pet Care. Daniela is very knowledgeable about cats and dogs, and is a true animal lover! Her service is conscientious and reliable, and she goes the extra mile whenever she sees something that needs to be done for the pets. We also get a nice little report after our trip that helps us feel connected to our cats even though we were away from them when out of town!" -- Amy F. Cat Client


"My cat Tango spends a fair amount of time alone so having a good petsitter is important for her and for me.  Daniela has been terrific in getting better acquainted with her - keeping her company, leaving her treats and keeping an eye out for changes in behavior. I especially appreciate Daniela‚Äôs willingness to make a visit with just a couple of days notice." -- C.M. -- Cat Client

"Daniela Grief worked at my grooming shop as a part time bather while on active duty in the Marine Corps.  When she started working for me she already had extensive experience in the pet care industry.  I maintain very high standards for my employees, and require excellence in both the service we provide and care of the pets while they are at the shop.
I was impressed with Daniela's skills and her gentle handling of the pets she worked on.  She was very dependable and routinely arrived at the shop earlier than required.  She was always enthusiastic even when working on some of the more difficult pets.  Her work was  very thorough and she followed instructions with careful attention to detail.
I have owned and managed my grooming business for over eighteen years and have rarely had an employee with Daniela's work ethic and dedication to providing quality service for the pets and their owners.  If I needed pet sitting or walking for my two Bernese Mountain Dogs I would not hesitate to hire Daniela to care for them."
 Fran Krauss, Owner
Grooming with TLC
Redwood City, Ca.
(650) 299-0860
"I have utilized Daniela's services for in-home pet-care of my yellow lab and my cat several times over the past 6 months. Having had numerous experiences with pet-care in the past, I have to say that my experience with Daniela has been the most pleasant. She really has gone above and beyond what is asked of her (from chilling their drinking water during summer hot spells to making sure that my dog always has a bone to chew on) every time she has cared for my pets. It is this attention to detail that shows how much she does, indeed, care about them. I am confident that, even when I am away, my animals are cared for as well as when I am there. These reasons are just a small part of why I do not hesitate to highly recommend Daniela."


   -Jason Bellorado , Dog and Cat Client.

"Having lived with pets in five US states, I've had a range of
experiences with at least 7 pet sitters.  It's not impossible to find
a good one, but making a mistake with a bad one can mean a pet goes
without food and water for your entire vacation, only to find out
afterward what they endured.  Ever since that happened (in NY), I've
been diligent about screening potential pet sitters.  I consider
conscientious attention to detail -- before their first visit -- to be
a key factor in deciding to trust them with my pets.  That, and to
understand their reason for being a pet sitter and how it factors into
their life and goals;  this tells me how likely they will be to really
care for the pets and what it means to care for them.
Daniela and I emailed a few times and then I contacted two of her
clients.  They were full of praise, absolutely confident that Daniela
would anticipate any problem that might come up, and in one case,
already had.  Meeting Daniela for the first time, I could see her
earnest sense about the work of caring for someone else's beloved
creatures.  Pet sitting is part of a larger life purpose for Daniela,
since she feels very close to her own pets, works at a vet clinic and
is making progress academically toward going to vet school.  Her
client form asked for a level of detail about how to make decisions in
my absence, where the carrier should be (if needed), and other details
that none of the previous sitters had ever asked.  So I hired her on
the spot for an upcoming trip.
While I was away, Daniela sent me an email about how my pets were
doing, and that she'd had no problem getting in and what she found
when she got there.  She takes the time to relax with the pet so that
they aren't faced with interacting right away with a new person, or
get no interaction at all for the day.  Daniela clearly finds joy in
playing with pets, as her email found many lovely things to say about
my geriatric cat.
I've hired Daniela several times now, and even started taking my new
puppy to her vet clinic because I trust her judgment even in helping
me find a great vet.  We're so pleased to have found Daniela.  She's
wonderful." -- Alison R. Cat and Dog Client

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